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Chocolate Labrador Puppies

From Home to Field Bred for Versatility

Five chocolate lab puppies sitting next to each other in the grass

Chocolate Labrador Puppies:

About our Rick’s Retrievers Puppies.

Here at Rick’s Retrievers We ONLY breed quality Chocolate Labrador retrievers. We set out to breed each litter for the best and most versatile Puppies possible, we do this by Maintaining the breed standard as set forth by the Labrador Retriever Club of America. Both Sire and Dam are health tested for Genetic clearances and have their OFA clearances as well. By doing this we can be confident we are passing along great Genetics and a very versatile and well rounded puppy.

Puppy Care and Planning

The care and planning for our puppies begins months in advance. we start with pre breeding nutrition and exercise for our Dams, and we continue this process through whelping and weaning. we use the best nutritional supplements possible and in doing so we have healthier stronger litters. We are present and assist the dam with the whelping process and as each puppy is born we do an APGAR assessment for the puppy. in doing so we can immediately tell if a puppy is in distress and respond accordingly increasing the puppies survivability. We put our hearts and souls into what we do and when we send a puppy home with you we are sending a part of our hearts with you.

Dew claw removal

At 3 days old we remove the puppies dew claws in order to reduce any future issues with a dew claw injury as the puppies grow, and it will reduce the possibility of cuts and scratches to your arms and legs which dewclaws can cause.

Puppy Vaccinations

When the puppies are Six weeks old we administer their first puppy shot. we use the Spectra 6 puppy vaccine for this shot and we provide documentation in your puppy packet when the puppy goes home.

Puppy Worming Schedule

We start the puppies on their deworming schedule at 2 weeks old and we administer deworming medicine at 4, 6 and 8 weeks old. we use Pyrantel Pomoate for our puppy deworming as it is a safe and effective preventative treatment. The deworming is noted on your puppies vaccination and health record you will receive so that your veterinarian will have this necessary information.


We microchip our puppies at 6 weeks old using the AKC Reunite microchip program. When you register your puppy with AKC you can add the reunite microchip at the same time. By doing this if your puppy is ever lost your report this to the AKC and they send out an email to the region where your puppy is missing. When the puppy is found the microchip will show up on a scanner. This increases your chance of recovering your beloved dog by 65%.

Puppy Health Check

At 7 weeks old we take the puppies to our veterinarians office for their health check prior to going home. Our veterinarian does a complete physical assessment as to the health of the puppy and the puppies overall condition ,We send this documentation home with you. WE HIGHLY ENCOURAGE YOU TO SCHEDULE YOUR PERSONAL PUPPY VETERINARIAN VISIT WITHIN 72 HOURS OF TAKING YOUR PUPPY HOME.

Puppy preschool

We start our puppies on ENS (Early Neural Stimulation) at 3 days old. this is the beginning process of training and socialization of the puppy. By starting the puppy on ENS it stimulates their brain to begin learning problem solving skills We continue their Training and Socialization all the way through sending them home. At 2 weeks old we start the potty training process with a potty pan with scent pad to encourage the puppies to go potty in one place. At 3 Weeks old as part of their training we begin sound desensitization training for Thunder, Fireworks and Gunshots. This process is continued up to the time we send them home. During their time with us we will also start the puppies on crate training by giving them time in the puppy crate. As part of crate training we use the Snuggle puppy with heart beat and we recommend this product for your puppy when you take your puppy home as it makes the transition to their new home easier and it will make crate training much better. As you can see from the pictures below we also offer our puppies a very stimulating environment to increase their problem solving abilities.

Puppy Preschool Chocolate lab puppies playing
Puppy Preschool
Chocolate lab puppies playing in pool with colored balls
Puppies playing with balls

So you want a puppy. Here’s How to Find a Reputable Breeder.

So your looking for a puppy. How do you find the right puppy? Let me help you with this consideration by guiding you to an article on Puppy Buyer Etiquette. This first step is to stop “Looking for a Puppy” and start “Looking for a Breeder”. A reputable breeder takes into consideration the Puppy and the Puppy buyer. A reputable breeder is not looking for a profit, they are looking to find the “Right Home” for their puppy. When you buy a puppy from a reputable breeder, the Breeder will want to ensure that you understand the contract you are entering into. it is a contract between the Puppy and you the buyer. The puppies part of the contract is that it will give Unconditional Love and protection to you their new family. Your part of the contract is to return that love, understanding that the puppy is not a thing to be discarded when your bored the puppy is your family and deserves unconditional love and protection in return.

Past Litters

Here some pictures of Rick’s Retrievers past litters for your enjoyment.