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Rick sitting in the grass holding 2 puppies with 5 puppies surrounding him
Puppy time

Chocolate Lab Puppies for sale

We currently do not have any Puppies available.

We are planning 2 litters for 2024 both Sires and Dams are health tested for genetic clearances and OFA clearances.

We are taking applications now to hold your pick of litter. you can apply for a puppy from our program by going to our Good Dog Site at www.gooddog.com/breeders/ricks-retrievers-idaho.

You can also see updated information and pictures on our Facebook Page Rick’s Retrievers https://www.facebook.com/

Planned litters 2024

If your looking for your new hunting partner, or you are looking for that new family member to fill a place in your heart then we have the puppy for you. here are the planned litters for the 2024 season. we are taking applications now so if you ready for your new friend get your application in soon as possible as these puppies will go quickly.

Chocolate Dam Derby Sitting
Chocolate Lab sire Bear Sitting

Pictured above on the left is our Sweet Girl RR Sassy Brown Derby aka Derby, and on the right is the sire were breeding to Two Bears Grand Legacy aka Bear. This is going to be a repeat breeding with 2 great bloodlines that produce amazing puppies with moderate temperament and versatility. Pictured below are a few of their puppies from 2022 and 2023.

Chocolate Female puppy from 2022 litter
Group picture of 3 Chocolate puppies from 2022 litter
Chocolate male puppy from 2023 litter

This pup above is from Derby and Bear’s 2022 litter. the middle picture is Derby and Bear’s 3 puppies from 2022 litter and the male pup on the right is from Derby and Bear’s 2023 litter.

Below is Bailey and Whiskey we are anticipating a great litter from these 2. Bailey is a great mother and throws big litters and Whiskey He’s a big loveable boy with great Genetics and Bloodlines. Both Bailey and Whiskey have great bloodlines with multiple titled dogs in the background.

Chocolate Lab Female Bailey Looking Pretty
Whiskey sitting

Pictured below some of Bailey’s puppies from past litters.

The pup on the left is from our 2022 Bailey Whiskey Litter, and the Next 2 pictures are from our 2023 Bailey Whiskey litter.

Retired Chocolate Labs For Sale

We currently do not have any retired Chocolate labs available. When we do we will post them here for your preview.

Started Dogs

We currently do not have any started pups, however if you would like assistance in locating started dogs please email ricksretrievers@gmail.com and give me a detailed message on what kind of dog your looking for and I will reach out to my sphere to see if I can connect you with a reputable trainer/breeder.

Pictures of Rick and his chocolate labs

Want to know more, check out our About Us page.

We look forward to assisting you in any way we can, and to give you some perspective about our program please check out our About US page, and if you want to leave your contact information for us to get back with you about any questions you may have then click our Thank You Button. Thank you for viewing our site.

We look forward to assisting you in any way we can, and to give you some perspective about our program please check out our About US page. Thank you for viewing our site.

About Us

Nutritional Supplements Information

At Rick’s Retrievers we have a well rounded nutritional program in place. We get a lot of folks asking us about what we feed our precious Chocolate Labrador retrievers, so here is what we feed and what supplements we use. We use Next Level Brand Dog food. The reason we use Next Level Brand food is it is Made in the USA in Texas by Antoine Albin and Scott Glover who previously had developed a very reputable brand of food and now with their expertise and science driven development and Nutritional Knowledge they have taken their products to the Next Level hence their brand name. It makes it pretty simple for us to use Next Level Brand for the Health of our precious Labrador’s. Our recommendation for feeding Next Level brand food is as follows, We start the puppies out on Next Level Brand Hi Pro Puppy Formula at 3 to 4 weeks old and continue this formula until they are 6 months old when we switch them over to the Next Level Brand Hi Pro Professional formula through their Adult years up until their Senior years. the Idea behind this approach is this. Puppies grow very quickly in the first six months and the Hi Pro Puppy formula has the right blend of nutrients, proteins, and fat as well as calcium for their growth. When the puppies get to six months old we switch them to the Next Level Brand Hi Pro Professional formula witch has a slightly lower calcium level. We do this to ensure we don’t have to rapid of growth in the puppies growing joints to avoid potential joint issues and Hip or Elbow Dysplasia. by feeding our puppies in this manner we have had a higher success rate in avoiding Hip and Elbow issues. We have also Partnered with NuVet Labs nutritional Supplements which we start our puppies on at weaning, and we also utilize the Nutritional products in pre-breeding through weaning with our dams to aid them in sustaining their health during this critical time. You can see details on NuVet Labs products in our Store. We hope this information is helpful.

For more information on Next Level Brand Food follow this link to their site. https://nextlevelpetfood.com/