Welcome to Rick's Retrievers Premium Chocolate Labradors

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Welcome to Rick’s Retrievers Premium Chocolate Labradors

Chocolate lab puppies in the grass

Rick’s Retrievers.

Idaho AKC Purebred Versatile Chocolate Labrador Breeders

Rick’s Retrievers Breeders of the most Versatile Chocolate Labrador puppies that can go from home to field for you and your family. Is this your dream? well then we have the puppy for you that will make your dream a reality.

Chocolate Lab puppy playing with stick

It’s Worth the Investment.

Some Responsible Breeders might have a higher price point than expected, but that’s because their raising their dogs the right way. This means health testing, socializing their puppies, and constantly striving for the betterment of their program. It’s worth the wait-and the investment up front – to ensure you’re supporting a good source and getting a happy, healthy dog.

Our Dogs

We are proud to present our Chocolate Labrador Retrievers for your Review.

Our first one is RR Sassy Brown Derby. She Has an amazing bloodline with many JH through Sr hunt titled dogs as well as AFC, and FC titled dogs. She has a great hunting background, and She produces amazingly moderate tempered pups that have gone on to be hunters, family pets, and companion animals.

chocolate female Derby Sitting in the front yard
Derby Sitting

Next is our Sweet RR Brown Sugar Bailey.

Bailey is a full sister to Derby, as mentioned above she has a full bloodline of JH through SR Hunt titled dogs as well as AFC, and FC titled dogs. Bailey is a great mother and her puppies are Moderately tempered pups. Many of her pups have gone on to become Family pets, Hunters, and companion animals.

Bailey sitting Pretty
Bailey Girl Focused
7 week old Male chocolate lab puppy running in front yard
Male puppy having fun in the front yard

Some of our puppies

Here are some pictures of some of our puppies from past litters.